I hate starting introductions like this. I've never felt completely satisfied with whatever it is I have to say in the first paragraph describing myself. I guess that could eventually change as I progress in my literary skills. My name is Brian. I'm an 18 year old Cancer, who is slightly proficient in programming, writing, music, and flirting. I try to be well-rounded in my interests, which reflects my taste in everything from foods to my cd shelf.

Presently, I work for my father doing small-time construction, making a wage that helps me buy the things that I want. I'll be attending college in the recent future, and although I have no intended major, I am interested in studying French, English, Music Theory, Mathematics and Computer Science.

I have goals and dreams for my life, but don't we all? They might eventually come true, but when? who knows. I want to publish both a story and a collection of poetry. I'd like to at least create an EP in the music scene, as well as compose and conduct a precedent-setting piece of neo-classic music. I want to take a girl to broadway, and I want to live in harmony with the universe.

Enough about me, now. On with the show. Lights, camera, action on you!