August 11, 2006:

I've repaired the once-thought broken poetry section. I've come to the conclusion that the problem was fatigue. And, it's about time for a major website update. That's right, we're moving on to Kiro's Realm version 8.0. Seriously. I'm going to be renovating the websites overall appearance. Starting now. *shoots gun in the air*

August 9, 2006:

Things are remotely on schedule, to a point. I've produced a poetry section, though I'm having trouble with the script for some unknown reason. I'll debug it later. For now, I've successfully added in a small section about me, but I still haven't gotten around to writing any articles worth merit. Woe is me.

July 31, 2006:

After throwing a hissy fit with Origin, and having a tumultuous end of a relationship, I think it's time to start updating the site again. I'd like to start off by saying the comic will soon return to production! Hurray! Also, I'd like to expand with the reviews section, and get a section of OriginXT's forums split off for Kiro's Realm's personal use.

So my current projects stand as this:
And onward I press, finding no particular reason to stop, but no will to continue.

March 2, 2006:

Recent updates include a new article by myself, on ditching Proactiv, along with a few new comics. Basically been too boring to work otherwise.

Feb 21, 2006:

Well, I knew it would happen eventually, and it just so happened to be tonight. I uploaded two new comics, but something went out of whack with the order they were in, and all the comics got jumbled up.
Thankfully, however, the problem is taken care of, and won't happen again.

Feb 12, 2006:

After a weekend of doing remotely nothing, I've come back with a few new updates. The first is a review of The Beatles' Revolver by Jeff Sullivan. I've also sported the main page with a Links section, which helps unambiguously fuel my traffic flow by linking to sites I like. To top it off, I've got a new comic, and am working on an actual storyline. By working on, I mean I'm putting it off. By putting it off, I mean I haven't started yet.

Feb 9, 2006:

New updates =). I've finally finished the overall internal structure of the site, and I must say, I am finally quite impressed with myself. Uber Functionality, basically. I've gotta say, I really love PHP, which is what I use to design my pages.

I am currently accepting articles for publishing on Kiro's Realm. You will be credited for all your articles published, and if you steadily post new ones, you'll receive honors for your work, and a page in the great contributors section.

Also, if you have any suggestions, complaints, etc, don't hesitate to mail them to

Welcome to Kiro's Realm, where everything is possible, but results are unlikely. It is here that you can find my personal dwellings, including a Megaman sprite comic made in honor of Bob & George and the MS-Paint Masterpiece. Basically, this is my personal home page that I build to keep from going insane.

Not that I haven't already...